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Why Is Candy So Bad For You?

How did everyone do with Challenge #1 of eating no candy? I had about 5 or 6 situations where I could have had candy and resisted, so I made it through! I’m going to continue this challenge on top of this week’s challenge. I’m pretty determined to make it through Halloween with no candy. I realized this week that at the beginning of the challenge I never explained why candy is so unhealthy for you! I think most of us have a general idea, but I feel like I need to explain it. It makes candy seem a lot more unappealing.

Candy may seem harmless, especially when it’s so small and you don’t have a lot of it, but when you eat candy it does bad things to your body. First, because the sugar content is so high it shoots your insulin levels up. This causes you to be hungrier and want more food. Well if you’re at a party and decide to just have a little bit of candy, but then you’re really hungry due to that candy and the only thing available to eat is that candy, what are you going to eat? Most likely that candy or if you have good will power, nothing. If you do continue to eat candy, your body is not going to feel satisfied. You might feel full after a lot of it, but you’re body/mind will still say to eat more. Secondly, most candy contains high fructose corn syrup which is a very bad artificial sweetener in almost everything now. *High fructose corn syrup has been linked to weight gain, dental cavities, poor nutrition, and increased triglyceride levels, which can boost your heart attack risk. Thirdly, a lot of candy is high in fats (like chocolate, wonderful chocolate) which is bad combination with sugar. High contents of sugar and fat together is just asking for your body to store that fat. When your body has sugar put into it and the insulin levels shoot up, your body holds on to fat to store for energy. That fat then waits there for however long it takes you to burn it off. If you’re not active, then the fat will just continue to build up.

Sometimes you just really feel like having candy and if you do, go ahead and have some. Just plan ahead, set a limit for yourself, and prepare yourself to fight the urge to eat more. Everything in moderation is great, but you need to make sure you can moderate it. I’ll have Challenge #2 up soon!

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